EQ Assessments

How MSCEIT Assessments Help Build Functional Teams

Unlike IQ, your EQ can be improved. Our MSCEIT Assessment is a good indicator of one’s overall emotional wellness. People who can ask for and accept help have higher EQ. Use this tool to help minimize emotional risks in yourself and/or your team.

Image stating "How does the MSCEIT Help Build Functional Teams?"
Image stating "When you are under pressure, it can be difficult to manage your emotions, putting you at risk of saying, or doing the wrong thing at the wrong."
Image stating "The first step to managing your emotions is to be clear about what you are feeling. Taking the Group Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment will show each team member their current EI abilities - their strengths, and their areas of improvement."
Image stating "The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can be improved, and it can be used to build strong productive teams!"
MSCEIT Assessment benefits brochure.
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Your Internal Image

is Your Greatest Asset

“How you deal with challenges will determine how much power you have to succeed in your professional and personal life. Our training and coaching will give you the tools you need to build an image that attracts you to winning outcomes.
Because Image is Power!”

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