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“Physically, as humans, we are generally the same. However, how we apply Emotional Intelligence in any given situation can differentiate us from one another; and that can make all the difference when it comes to success.”


President, Image Wealth

MIC ALEXANDER, is an experienced leader, speaker, business advisor, coach, and author. She is the Founding President of Image Wealth Management. She has a wealth of knowledge gained from her previous professional roles as Former CEO of The Overflow Corporation for 17 years, Business Advisor for the Carolina’s Small Business Development Fund, and the Lead Business Opportunity Specialist for the NC Department of Transportation. Mic is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer from the International Society for Emotional Intelligence. Her passion is facilitating the development of entrepreneurial skills that translate into building firms that are economically viable, self-sufficient organizations, capable of competing and performing more competitively in the marketplace. Mic has facilitated leadership, DEI, & EI training to entrepreneurs and their teams, in the business, government, and education sectors. She has built a reputation for using her experiences as a successful CEO and a celebrated cancer survivor to present passionate, energized, and interactive speaking and training sessions.

“Ms. Alexander has developed a powerful method for improving one’s image. I highly recommend her workshop and her book “Image is Power” and check out her website.”

Marilyn Addison

“Mic Alexander always provides a high quality service to all her clients. She is very reliable, on time, and always providing what is needed by the clients.”

Carol Lilly

“Mic listened attentively to the challenges I was facing as a business owner and went above and beyond with her recommendations. Her perspective was fresh and gave me a renewed sense of confidence. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Monica Watson
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