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We make people better at what they do and present the best version of themselves while doing it, even when they are under pressure.

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Mic Alexander

Founder & CEO, Image Wealth

Mic Alexander is an Emotional Intelligence Advocate, Coach, Trainer, and Author. She and her team use a multi-phase, interactive training system to teach individuals and teams, how to recognize their emotions and the emotions of others, and to manage their response to those emotions – especially when under pressure. She has a wealth of knowledge gained from serving in a variety of professional roles including the Workforce Development Specialist for the NC Department of Transportation, and former CEO of The Overflow Corporation for 17 years. Mic has facilitated leadership and management skill set training to entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as leaders in the business, government, and education sectors. She has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge training programs and support services that drive lasting results.

John Pellitteri headshot

Dr. John Pellitteri

Mental Health Consultant

As professor at Queens College, City University of New York he trains professionals in the school and mental health counseling fields. As a licensed psychologist and licensed creative arts therapist, he provides psychotherapy and clinical consultation in the New York area. He provides the team with program development support. He is the founder of ISEI Training Institute and also the co-director of the ISEI Urban Initiative program that promotes EI to address urban community issues. He is a certified trainer in the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and has conducted EI workshops and research presentations in numerous countries spanning every continent, including a TEDx talk in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Michele Shelton photo

Michele Shelton

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consultant

Michele Lawlis Shelton is not just another diversity trainer. She is an international speaker, author, coach, consultant, social justice activist and advocate deeply concerned with how we experience humanity in the workplace and beyond. In addition to speaking and consulting on the development and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion solutions, she specializes in race and gender equity. Her candor, career experience, and innovative insights make her a trusted, value-added speaker and advisor to her clients. She is an audience favorite at conferences, association meetings, community events and remains available on an international basis to keynote, coach, and consult.

Lashana Siggs photo

Dr. LaShana Wiggs

Organizational Development Consultant

Through Dr. Wiggs’ work in financial crimes automation and digitization she has assisted financial institutions in resolving process and technology deficiencies to remediate regulatory enforcement actions. She is named as a co-inventor on a U.S. Patent for a dynamic interface that is used in one of the leading financial institutions in the country for digitizing, storing, and verifying data.

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